I wonder how people would behave if they knew that all that is waiting for you at the end of life is a hole in the ground or a fire to consume you and a wind to disperse you.

Personally the thought makes me feel intensely concerned about what kind of world future generations will live in.   Common human decency became my moral law when I shed religious belief.

3 thoughts on “Compass

  1. I think deep down we all know that when our system of memories, thoughts, feelings, and other functions we think are the real “me” dies we become nothing. I think that fear is perhaps the greatest of all fears. Life and death go together and are implicitly the same thing as they both utterly depend on each other. But as we are living we want to somehow make life win over death, in the same way we want good without bad, and positive without negative. As we are something, nothing is looked at as an enemy by us, when in reality we wouldnt be something without nothing. Which is why I think we envision and believe in after life’s for a soul and whatnot. What do you think?

    • Yes!! Check this out: Alan Watts discusses Nothing: … I love this video in the beginning but I must add that I think it’s troubling to consider everything a dream like he says since such thinking could lead to complacency. Everything is subjective and interconnected but there is also very real suffering to attend to in the world and I’m not sure that dismissing it all as an illusion is the way to answer that suffering.

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