Every morning we get deer who hop over the fence to munch on the clover.




Little Phoebe had a fever last night.  Nothing else has shown up.  It seems like it’s starting to come back so she’s taking it easy today with a cold pack on her head, nibbling on frozen strawberries.


I finally tuned my guitar again after letting it sit lonely on its stand for a few months.  I practiced scales and strumming and some dexterity exercises.  Phoebe asked me to tune hers as well and actually tried placing her fingers on the right frets for a chord.  (She used to insist on playing her own way, uninterested in learning chords.)   She had fun for a bit and then was over it.  I intend on practicing more often now that school is less intense as before.  This time I hope not to get too impatient with myself as I learn this new skill.

Lighthouse Field State Beach II


I enjoyed walking here for a bit before volunteering at Natural Bridges.  This evening someone in the grocery store said she saw me walking there and remembered me because she thought my outfit was cute!  I passed on  the good vibes on by complimenting another woman I saw in the store.

Volunteering was nice.  I am slowly getting more comfortable talking to visitors about the monarchs as I memorize more information.   Then I headed to oceanography class where I learned about features of the sea floor, then oceanography lab where I studied paleomagnetism, then geology lab where I studied plate tectonics and more paleomagnetism.   There is much overlap between these classes.

This evening I finally figured out how to chop up a fresh  pineapple and was in heaven with its perfectly ripe taste and aroma.  I miss my grandfather,  who I last saw in Hawaii a year ago before he passed on a few months later.