I wonder how people would behave if they knew that all that is waiting for you at the end of life is a hole in the ground or a fire to consume you and a wind to disperse you.

Personally the thought makes me feel intensely concerned about what kind of world future generations will live in.   Common human decency became my moral law when I shed religious belief.

No Separate Self II

Our separation
A subjective illusion
Through shared affection

“The fundamental delusion of humanity is to suppose that I am here and you are out there.”                            -Yasutani Roshi, Zen master

Perfect… Just Perfect.

I think I am finally able to understand the zen notion of “You are perfect but you still have room for improvement.” Zen philosophy views life as inherently messy; it’s known as the crooked path. What is really meant by “perfect” is more like “exact, complex, beautiful, just as it logically should be considering the circumstances” …My new mantra is: “I am a perfect mess.”